My name is Bartek Borowinski. I like to make stuff. I've tried my hand at a number of endeavors, and a few have struck a chord - I'm a software developer, a carpenter, and a bike mechanic.

I have ten years of professional experience and a few ongoing projects. I specialize in interactive information visualization. I'm quite efficient at doing something new - if you need a solution to an uncommon problem, feel free to get in touch.

Binary Endeavours

I've launched a text-message based schedule and attendance system for our bike coop. It's my first foray into Erlang, so far it's been very exciting! The project lives here.

A few years back, I made Newpad - a map-based apartment search machine. It won an award from CIRA, was featured on CBC's The National, and somehow avoided the wrath of Craigslist.

The movement of prices on the stock market fascinates me - the predictability of human nature is evident amidst the chaos. I dabble in light analysis and visualisation, some of it is here

Corporeal Creations

I make simple furniture, custom built-ins, stuff from heavy slab tables to furniture for little kids. Over the past few years I've built a number of things for friends and acquaintances.

A few older albums linger on imgur, and a there are a handful of glamour shots on the instagram